Dynamis Adventures is working alongside schools (locally in Herefordshire and nationally), the Herefordshire Pupil Referral Service, Leominster Town Council and the Herefordshire Safer Neighbourhood Teams to support Young People to grow and flourish. We welcome partnership with other organisations to develop a cohesive and integrated approach to supporting young people.

Thanks for making my time here a pleasure and all the effort you have put into everything.

Max, 15

Thank you so much for helping me through the last 3 years

Ben, 15

Thank you for always finding time for everyone and making our time here great.

Jamie, 18

Thank you for everything over the past year. I may only have been here a year but it has made such a difference. Thanks for everything!!

YJ, 14

Thank you for making me feel so welcome when I arrived.

Finn, 15

Thank you for being there these past few years. Some of it has been difficult but I have always known you were in support.

SC, 16

Thanks for being a fun and incredibly supportive mentor.

Richard, 18

Thanks for everything – you’ve been such an inspiration to everyone.

M, 15

Thanks for making my time here a pleasure and all the effort you have put into everything.

Max, 15

Thanks for all the great times. The last 2 years have been brilliant.

Will, 15

Andrew was able to grab the attention of the whole group as well as empower and motivate us and had the respect of every single person in the group. However, what I respected most about him was his ability to understand the perspective of the boys and stay calm and collected throughout tough situations which was done through his strength of listening to us.

He was also able to give positive reinforcement to the boys and criticise them without being patronising and while respecting them. Through doing all these things, he was able to inspire me daily and achieved my utmost respect; Andrew taught me how to manage my time and respect the people around me and their opinions.

Marcus, 17

‘Dynamis Adventures worked with our staff to create a highly bespoke personal development programme for some of our most vulnerable students. Over a period of six weeks, students engaged with a number of well planned, exciting and adventurous activities which promoted resilience, teamwork and communication.

By the end of the programme, school staff had recognised a change in individuals’ behaviour and how they engaged better with others in class and social situations. The students have not stopped talking about their experiences with Wilki and the Dynamis Adventures team.’

Nick James-Williams, Head of the Aconbury Pupil Referral Unit, Hereford

We were delighted to invite Andrew to be our Guest Speaker at the school’s Celebration Evening 2019-20.  Throughout his speech, he engaged the audience with his narratives of the highs and lows he had experienced in his career, how he dealt with failure and used it as a spring-board for the successes in his life.  Many staff and students came away from the evening talking about what their ‘K2’ is going to be!  The right message at the right time for our students, staff and parents.  We would highly recommend Andrew as an inspirational guest speaker at any event.

Nick Moores, Assistant Headteacher, Aylestone School, Hereford