The torrential rain cleared up just before the group arrived, to bring a stunning day. This seems to happen to us a lot and what a blessing!

This is the first time the 2020 and 2021 Explorers have been together, and we were happy to see them working well as one group from the start. There’s nothing like working your way out of the ‘human knot’ to get groups going!

We yomped up Capler Hill with a mission, and had a great time with 40:40 on the top. One group got the fires going (top job!) whilst the others collected sweet chestnuts, and we roasted these over the embers and tucked into sausage and chestnut sandwiches. It was a day where everyone got involved, which is what we encourage and hope for. Brilliant.

After more games and TLC activities we sat down to talk about the kind of adventures we want to have in the coming months. These are exciting times!