Sometimes we get out on adventures of our own….

Finn and I set off for a big mountain route on the Shelterstone, in the Cairgorms, called the Steeple. Steep it was, and after burning myself up on the second pitch, I was delighted to let Finn (a younger, stronger man!) take over for the top corner – he’s good at doing the splits!!! What a joy to get into the mountains and on this epic route before the rain came sheeting down as we hit the top!

So we headed back south, to the Anglesey sea cliffs at Gogarth, to have a go at the (in)famous route called ‘the Mousetrap’! A swirling mass of reptilian-looking quartz and weathered sandstone, the climbing wasn’t too hard but the challenge was finding solid places to put in our protection (metal wedges and camming devices). To honest, much of the rock resembled talcum powder, but the positions above the swelling sea and climbing on 3D, crazy-patterned geology was mind-blowing.

An awesome adventure, accompanied by bemused Atlantic grey seals and my legendary, great friend, Finn.