The tent is now empty and we’ve reached the end of another outstanding Explorers Programme. But the photo could also be dawn, and the beginning of the next stage for our Explorers – this is how we prefer to see it! Now they have finished the main programme, we continue to see our amazing Explorers once per month to experience more adventures and growth in their lives.

It was a joy and an honour to read out their highly personalised certificates, celebrating the miles they have travelled and the incredible positive movement we have seen in each and every Explorer.

It was a day of fun, young folk leading their teachers and parents through various challenges, cooking them lunch and reflecting on the last 3 months. You are a truly outstanding group of young people, and we have loved being a small part of your journey.

We’re taking a short break, but we’re excited about the next stage for the Explorers Adventure Group. Until next time!

The Dynamis Adventures Team