We’ve been building up to a mountain trip to Snowdon for a few months now – and here are the photos! We arrived ready to stretch our legs and set off up the hill to find the crag.

The photos show the guys climbing and also the final abseil – this was exciting and needed a lot of courage to get over the edge – well done for getting stuck in!

We camped the night after pasta and ice cream, and then set off in good time on day 2, to take on Snowdon itself. It was a rainy day with some wind on the hill – you can see from the photos that the weather got worse but the positive attitude and will to get up high stayed solid!

The final shot, with the team on the summit, says it all. Life throws all sorts at us, but if we keep on going, little bit by little bit, before we know it we’re through the storm and out the other side. The determination and persistence showed by each and every one of the team was remarkable.

One of the team said they ‘would have given up at the start before coming to Dynamis Adventures’ – now they kept putting one foot in front of the other without a word of complaint all day.

We’re so proud of you guys. Top work!

The Dynamis Adventures Team