Their mission – to thrive, not just survive!

Day 1 Phase 1 – Rabbit and pigeon preparation for cooking over the firebowl, and then they practised a few skills for when the team go ‘on the run’ in the morning. Sometimes young people aren’t keen to help us prepare this food, but not these Explorers – they rolled up their sleeves and got involved! Well done guys!

Phase 2 – A tasty meal including jacket potatoes over the fire, chocolate bananas and of course, hot chocolate and marshmallows!

Day 2 Phase 3 – ON THE RUN! They set off over rough terrain, trying to avoid being spotted by the enemy force and meeting friendly agents along the way to get supplies and details of where to go next.

After being rumbled by the enemy they made it to the river crossing, which they planned and executed brilliantly, leaving the enemy in the shade!

Finally they arrived at the final mission – to secure some eggs, before the enemy farmer caught up with them. Omelettes over the stove for lunch!

This was a tough weekend – physically and mentally, and we were amazed by the resilience of the Explorers team. A few times, things didn’t go to plan, but it was the POSITIVE ATTITUDE AND WILL TO KEEP GOING which was so impressive. Be proud of what you’ve achieved and how far you’ve come, Explorers!

Next stop rock climbing!

The Dynamis Adventures Team