You could hear, see and feel the energy coming out of the bus as the Explorers arrived this weekend – so much excitement!

They made fires, prepared chicken and potatoes for cooking and then set about putting the tents up for the night. Next we ate a delicious roast chicken meal and sat around the fire playing games until the light began to fade. It was a great atmosphere gathered around the flames – this group have bonded so well together already!

Next morning there were so many camping stories to share as they ate their cooked breakfast, before we set off up Capler Hill for some survival skills. Judging distances, escape and evasion games, and lots of other exciting activities to start getting them ready for the survival weekend in August. The Explorers also learned how to use the stoves and cooked up ravioli and cheese for lunch, and then picked some elderflower heads which we’ve made into a delicious cordial!

After getting down from the hills we chatted through what’s important to us as a group to grow and flourish. This was really powerful and will help us as we work out how we can work well together as a team in the coming weeks. There’s a real sense of fun and kindness in this group – they are brilliant to work with!

Next up – our first river trip in 3 weeks’ time!