We have just had an incredible couple of days working alongside Phoenix, with some of their young people.

Many had never been in a boat before, and although there were lots of nerves before stepping on board, we were so impressed with their courage and determination to give it a go! Before long they were cruising down the river, doing a great job of steering a good line and laughing most of the way. It was a great team effort and the highlight of most people’s time with us.

After making a flag to remember loved ones, we ate a hearty meal and had great fun with games until it was time for bed – there were some tired but happy looking faces!

Day 2 started with sausage baps and a whole range of TLC activities – the team got fully stuck in! It was great to see them puzzling through problems and growing in confidence and willingness to share ideas. After a full day of activities we headed to the river for some space and quiet time to think about how we had grown from the weekend.

We love working alongside Phoenix – they are fantastic! We came away thinking what a privilege it was to be working with this amazing group – young folk , leaders and staff.

We’re so excited about this growing partnership and hope for many more good times ahead together!!!

The Dynamis Adventures Team