65 kilometres, on foot and by canoe, from the highest point in Herefordshire back to school in Hereford! This is almost certainly a first, and we’ve had some adventures along the way…

Cleaning shoes filled with mud (including inside!), burning through a pair of boots, wind driven rain so hard our cheeks stung, herding cows, splashing and stone skimming, folk canoeing in the ‘reclining’ position! – it’s the end of the journey for Mr B and the boys, and yet really it’s just the start.

Getting to the finish line is only part of the story – it’s what we’ve gained, what we’ve given and how we’ve grown along the way that counts. We hope that these young men will feel proud of what they’ve achieved – they should!!!!!

As an onlooker, I have seen …..

Determination to keep going when really what they wanted was to stop

A sense of humour even when arms and legs were tired

Folk turning up every week when they knew they would be pushing themselves hard

A sense of peace – just getting out there into the outdoors

Mutual respect and the buzz of a team

Teachers who really care about what they do and belief in their charges


It has been a pleasure, and the highlight of our every week. Thank you all.

Wilki and the Dynamis Adventures team