The challenge is set. The guys are motivated and possibly the toughest section is complete. What are they up to? Read on……

The Dynamis Challenge requires the team to reach the highest point in Herefordshire (2,309 feet in the Black Mountains) and to get back to the Aconbury Centre in Hereford, without stepping foot into Wales, by HUMAN POWER ONLY!!!!!

Here they are at the start of their 13km trek up the mountain and back down again – week 1 of the mission has been successfully achieved! The shot on the ‘pedestal stone’ shows a little of the airy ridge line they traversed to reach the summit.

It was a long, tiring day and the team impressed us yet again with their determination to keep going, in spite of sore feet and a cold day on the tops. We’ve never seen someone walk the sole off their boot before – see the photo!

In the coming weeks there will be more trekking and a river journey to get the team back home, with no motorised help at all. A big challenge. A massive effort. These young men have got what it takes! Encourage the team in any way you can and look out for ways to support their fundraising effort. An outstanding effort so far!