As we’re in the depths of winter we thought a venison roast would go down well for our monthly meet up!

Here the guys are preparing the haunches, with garlic, salt and pepper, before roasting them over the fire. We normally cook the joints underground, New Zealand ‘hangi’ style, although the ground is so sodden it’s hard to dry it out for this method to work at the moment.

After a brilliant session of ‘walk the plank’, a Teamwork, Leadership and Communication (TLC) challenge, we made hot chocolate to warm the bones, and ate a delicious roast!

The last photo shows some of the group making a ‘marble run’, where the golf ball has to get from A to B without any human interference – you made it in the end, guys!

Lockdown is hard for young folk, and these chances to get outside, connect with others and do something active, are precious.

The Dynamis Adventures Team