We may be locked down but we can continue, under National Youth Agency guidelines, to provide support to some of our young people outdoors.

Here the Aconbury group are seasoning some chicken for roasting over the fire. As often happens, some rolled their sleeves up and got stuck in, and others gave sound advice from the side-lines!!! Everyone was involved, and they all enjoyed hot roast chicken and chips on a day that seemed to get colder and colder!!!

We continue to be SO impressed by the attitude and approaches of these young men to everything we offer them. Here they are working together on a Teamwork, Leadership and Communication (TLC) task. Discussing the plan, trying something, amending it, listening to each other’s ideas and reviewing their plan.

The best bit about the whole activity, was that they took charge and organised themselves, leaving staff to observe with amazement! Well done boys – you were outstanding!

The Dynamis Adventures Team