The mission – Slip behind enemy lines, evade capture, source and cook lunch, find the enemy golden package and get to a safe location – without being caught!

The boys put on cam cream, had a quick brief and were off! They were rumbled early on by 2 grisly enemy, and outran them to meet the friendly agent. They then rigged up a traverse over a minefield to secure crucial equipment, before ‘stealthing’ through a narrow, muddy wood full of enemy forces. They were absolutely brilliant and avoided being seen by anyone!

Next they crept forward to secure their lunch (Farmer P’s eggs) before being chased by the angry farmer on his quad bike, when they found a safe location to make omelettes over a fire. Delicious!

A friendly agent drive by and a last chase through the wood by a hunter force, saw them locate and retrieve the golden package and return to the safe location.

We have been so impressed with these young men. They worked together, supported each other, shared the tasks and achieved their mission through genuine collective endeavour. They pushed themselves harder than they imagined they could, and the Dynamis Team enjoyed the opportunity to present individualised certificates and prizes to recognise the journey they have begun. They have been great to work with! Well done, the Aconbury. Top work!