Now that our main 2020 Explorers’ programme is over, we are offering our Explorers an adventure day once per month – we want them to keep coming back and stay connected!

On Saturday we roasted a lamb joint in an underground fire pit, New Zealand ‘hangi’ style, and finished it off over the fire. Whilst it was cooking we searched for sweet chestnuts (not a great crop this year with the bizarre weather we’ve had!) but we found enough to supplement lunch. Spuds were roasted in the embers, and the whole lot was finished off with marshmallow toasting over a glowing fire….!

As it was the eve of Remembrance Sunday, Wilki shared some of his experience on operations in Afghanistan, and we talked as a group, about what Remembrance means to us. Thanks to everyone for their contributions!

For the time being, even through Covid lockdown, we continue to operate under the educational banner (partnering with local schools), by respecting social distancing and operating outdoors under a stringent Covid 19 Risk Assessment. We’re delighted to be able to offer something to small groups of young people, at the time they need it most.