Our final activity day doubled up as a celebration of what the young people have achieved over the past 3 months. More than anyone could have imagined!!!!

Today the boys cooked food outdoors for their parents and teachers, (Aylestone and Bishops) and coached them through some teamwork and a communication activity. It was great to see them leading the way, and having the chance to showcase what they have achieved!!!!

The crux of the day was reflecting on their character development. The journey they have been on. The raised levels of confidence and willingness, from each of them, to take on harder challenges than they ever dreamed of. We hope that their new Dynamis Adventures hoodies and personalised certificates will help them remember their journey – Exploring New Horizons!!!!

The programme has officially finished, but we want to maintain a connection with these AMAZING young people. As long as Covid restrictions allow (as always!), we will run an adventure day each month for them.

Well done Explorers. We’ll see you in November!