We are delighted to be starting work with this amazing organisation who support young people and their families who have lost someone significant in their lives. The last Saturday in August was a training day for the Phoenix Ambassadors – an impressive and amazing group of young adults who run the Phoenix Youth Group.

The aim was to present activities and ideas to the team which they can use with the youth group, and to plan a canoeing, camping and TLC weekend for next summer. The spirit and energy in the day was palpable, with some hilarious moments during the blindfolded ‘shepherd and sheep’ task and a lot of fun.
We are so happy to be working in partnership with Phoenix and we’re in discussions about further fun and engaging activity days in the near future.

Here is a short video showing some of what the Phoenix Ambassadors got up to on their day with Dynamis Adventures.

With big thanks to Leona Patterson who filmed and put this together!