Here is a quick run-down of what the Explorers group got up to over the weekend….

We had a stretch and brief before the boys got on the water to warm up, and learn how to turn the boats and paddle together – it’s not easy but they soon got their confidence up!

There are a few stretches of faster moving water coming out of Hereford and it was a proper challenge steering the boats through, but every one of them loved the excitement of surging through the quick sections. We stopped for lunch on a shale beach and Tom and the boys had a great time stone skimming from the shore. After lunch we had a few games in the boats like world domination and bulldogs in boats – by this stage confidence was high and the boys are clearly not afraid of the water!!!!!

In total they canoed 17km / 10 miles, which is a FANTASTIC EFFORT on their first trip out. I hope they are proud of themselves – they should be!! The staff were really impressed with their enthusiasm and energy, and we’re excited about the expedition next week. Here are a couple of photos to give you a flavour……