Tea and shelters. The boys lit two fires and prepared and cooked roast chicken, jacket potatoes, broccoli and carrots over the fire for their tea. Mums if they ever tell you they can’t cook up a roast – they can!! Next they built their shelters for the night out of some string and a tarpaulin. Some of them had a bumpy bed and there were some nettles to get around, but they all managed to put something up!!!

Fire and games. We ate, cooked up bananas with chocolate and then made hot chocolate to enjoy with some games around the fire. Bed time came, and some of them got to sleep whilst some of them didn’t! This is definitely an area we’ll be working on next time!!!

TLC and partnership agreement. The next day, after sausage baps and hot chocolate, we walked to a wood to make a proper ‘framed’ shelter with fire wall, which the boys will need for the survival exercise. After a fish finger, chips and peas lunch we did some TLC activities (Teamwork, Leadership, Communication) and then made a partnership agreement. This is a pact about how we want to relate and be with each other as a team, during these weekends.

The boys had a great time, learned a lot and we’re starting to build friendships, experiences and skills which we hope will help them along their way.

Well done boys!