If you’d like something to help your children keep active during the coronavirus lockdown you can try this in your front room if you like…..!

Hi everyone, I hope you enjoyed the last post with the first circuits session – if you did and you’re feeling stiff and a bit like you’ve been battered around the boxing ring, then that’s a good thing, and don’t forget the more you do it the easier it becomes!

Today I’m sending out another similar routine so you can alternate the 2 circuits on different days. Like last time, the aim is to give you 3 exercises which give an all over body workout of legs, upper body and core, and it will take between 2 and 20 minutes depending on how much you can do.

Like the previous post, these 3 exercises make up Circuit 2.

Maybe try doing 2 or 3 circuits, or even more if you can. Remember all the benefits of exercise – even if you don’t want to do it, it will make you feel good and those endorphins rushing around your body will help bring a fresh, positive start to your day!!!!!!

DAY 1: Circuit 1

DAY 2: Circuit 2