Here’s something to help your children keep active during the coronavirus lockdown – try it in your front room if you like…..!

One thing which will make a huge difference to our wellbeing over the next few months is physical exercise, especially when we’re mostly confined to our homes. We all know that regular exercise produces endorphins which reduce stress, bring on positive feelings and exercise will make the body stronger and we’ll be more likely to sleep better at night – so it’s all good!

And the great thing is, even a short daily exercise session will make a big difference. So, here is a short routine you and or your children could do at the start of the day – you could either do it with them or show them the video below to get them started. Do it outside if you can……!

Doing one set of each of those exercises is Circuit 1.

DAY 1:  Why not have a go at this circuit 1 or 2 time and try doing them every other day?